Dekora Marble Ltd, being the current market Leader in Turkish waterjet industry, has been estabLished in 1986 and entered the market mostly by appLication (installation) in its earlier years of activity. ShortLy after its foundation, high Level technical staff has been successfully formed and this enabLed Dekora to serve its customers with technical consultancy, architectural drawing and static calculation thereafter.

As its last established achievement, a complete marble and granite processing center has given the company the opportunity to furnish services to its local and international customers with compLete solutions of production and installation of anykind in this particular area. Core activities of Dekora can be specified as supplying marble, granite and various other natural stones, supplying fLoor tiles and ceramic, phasing out complete projects of waterjet products, consulting, production and installation contracting.


- Side Cladding
- Ground Flooring
- Ceramic Applications
- Design
- Project Planning
- Consultancy
- Hand Work Products
- Waterjet Designs & Products


  • Technical consultancy services.
  • Complete project and design applications.
  • Detailing architectural drawings of installation
    and production.
  • Determining marble fastening systems according to physical conditions of the structures and its detailing process.
  • Drawing, design and production phases of special objects used in artistic and decorative structures like columns, column heads, fountains, doors, arcs, altars, niches and pulpits by adhering to their initial styles at their own epoch.
  • Engineering calculations  of relations  between fastening systems, granite and marble based on physical, earthquake, wind and seasonal conditions of the structures.


  • Mechanical and mortar based installation works at
    inner and outer walls.
  • Anchorage installation applications.
  • Exterior installation of ceramic and
    granite ceramic materials.
  • Applications of  exterior  installation   of  marble 
    blocks   and  slabs with mechanical systems.
  • Production and installation of mosque minaret
    balconies, pulpits and altars or niches.
  • Production and installation  of columns,
    column  heads, column  basements and arcs.
  • Applications of Turkish baths and old style fountains.
  • Installation of hotel reception counters and bar cloak rooms.
  • Applications of decorative elevator floor coverings.
  • Installation of kitchen and bathroom benches.
  • Installation of coping stones, skirting and sills.
  • Installation of stairs on concrete and metal surfaces.
  • Marble handrail installation within decorative structures.
  • Landscape applications of marble, granite and natural stones of anykind.
  • Border cladding and coverings.
  • Applications of ceramic and tile coverings.
  • Marble and ceramic coverings of olimpic
    and ornamental pools.
  • Exterior and interior glass mosaic coverings.
  • Coverings of floor tiles with PVC fastening at terrace roofs.
  • Ceramic floor coverings at hospitals and medical structures.
  • Marble polishing.


  • For local and international demand.
  • Cut to size, granite and marble process and supply of anytype according to construction project.
  • Kitchen and bathroom bench production on order.
  • Production and installation of columns, column heads
    and column basements and arcs for artistic structures.
  • Niche and pulpit productions.
  • Decorative rollforms of anykind.
  • Stair, sill and coping production.
  • Borderstone cuts.
  • Embossing and carving with machine and handwork.
  • Various production of objects like tables, mounts and panels using granite, marble and wood.
  • Marble and granite chiseling.
  • Rustication of artistic writing and patterns on granite and marble by hand or with airgun.
  • To carve out decorative products demanded made of any material  and by any size using waterjet technology.